Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Flyer

We Spent a lot of time on this one here. Print it out, and hand them out or post them, and help promote the cause!

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Close the Detroit Zoo - FAQ

Here is a list of frequently asked questions concerning our organization

Why close the detroit Zoo? Well, there are many reasons we should close the Detroit Zoo. Does anyone really want a stronghold of vicious wild animals in their city? What if a bear or a lion were to escape like the San Diego Zoo incident ( What if a Zebra were too escape and run into traffic on woodward? Getting hit by a car and causing a pile up? How can we feel safe in our own communities with these monsters around?

Why Drown the Animals in the River? Many options where on the table before we chose this one. We decided this was the best one, for us and the animals.

How will you throw the Animals in the River? Good Question! Animal_Hater, our man in charge of Animal Disposal has worked this out and we will demonstrate two plans in charts.

Figure .1 Demonstrates the Dump Truck approach. Putting all the animals in dump trucks and driving them onto Hart Plaza next to the Renaissance Center and dumping them into the water. This is the less costly approach.

Figure .2 Demonstrates what we really would like to do, Airlifting the animals and dropping them into the river. However this is costly and depending on our support we may have to rely on the dump trucks to get the job done.

Out of all the things to fix about our communities, Why start with this? We have to get rid of our animals, before we can focus on our people. :)

We all feel very passionately on this subject and this cause and will take all the appropriate measures to spread our message and enlighten the public, so they will get behind on us on Closing the Detroit Zoo and throwing the Animals into the River.

What Can i do to help? thanks for asking! :) To help our cause all you have to do is sign our petition, and help spread the word. Flyers will be provided shortly, and for those passionate enough about the subject, you can always organize and protest! Write your mayor, congressman, whatever it takes! ;) Our petition is located HERE.